OIilite Bushes


Oilite is a self lubricating bearing material.

Standard Oilite is an oil retaining tin bronze, impregnated with a mineral oil SAE30 viscosity.

Oilite gives a good balance between strength, wear resistance, conformability and durability.

Ideal for use in a wide variety of applications where “self lubricating” properties are required over a long period of time.



  • Metric Plain Bearings
  • Metric Flanged Bearings
  • Imperial Plain Bearings
  • Imperial Flanged Bearings
  • Imperial Thrust Washers
  • Cored Bars
  • Solid Bars
  • Plates
  • Circular Bearing Plates



Borg Transmissions offer a specialised machining service for Oilite bearings and plates to meet individual specifications and tolerances.