Roller Chain

Roller Chain is the type of chain most commonly used for the transmission of mechanical power in many kinds of industrial, agricultural and domestic machinery. It is a simple, reliable and efficient means of power transmission.


To help us identify your chain we require the following dimensions:

  1. Pitch (distance between two pins)
  2. Roller Diameter
  3. Distance between inner plates
  4. Width over pins


Unlike other products there are two recognised standard types of chain, which are:

International Standards Organisation / British Standard (ISO)
American National Standards Institute (ANSI)

WARNING – Although visually very similar these two standards are not interchangeable, either with each other, neither are the sprockets. Many key dimensions are slightly different so care must be taken when identifying chain, our sales team can help you with this. 


Simplex Single Strand  

Duplex Double Strand

Triplex Triple Strand

Other multi-strand chain can be made but are not standard – please ask.


Steel This is the most common material because of its high tensile strength and wide working temperature range.

Stainless Steel  Many of the standard chains are readily available from stock in Stainless Steel, it offers greater protection against corrosion, however it is not as hard wearing as Carbon Steel and is also much more expensive.

Plastics Chains are available in various plastics such as Nylon or Acetal. However these are often made to order and are not available from stock – please ask.

Many other material variations are available, such as various powdered metals and bronzes. we can help you with your choice of chain material, please speak to our sales team.

Roller Chain Attachments

Most of the standard chains are available with a range of attachments, the more common of which are:

K1 Type     

K2 Type               

M1 Type        

M2 Type   


Extended Pin