Shaft Couplings

We stock a wide range of shaft couplings. Our sales team will be happy to help

 you choose the best option for your application.

The most popular types are:


This is the most commonly used flexible shaft coupling or “spider coupling” consisting of to metal hubs or bosses and a rubber element or spider. The hubs can be supplied in pilot bored or taper bush versions, with a choice of which way the bush is fitted i.e. from the front or back.


This is a very popular choice of coupling offering great versatility to designers, particularly when an amount of shaft misalignment is an issue. This is a taper bush type coupling, with a choice bush fitting.


This is widely used jaw coupling, comprising of two cast iron hubs and a rubber element or spider. These are very compact couplings so are not available with taper bushes, normally these are supplied with nominal pilot bore for the customer to have bored and keyed to their specifications,  we  also offer a machining service.


These are made up by using two simplex (single row) sprockets bound together by wrapping duplex (double row) chain all the way around teeth and joined with a connecting link. These are compact and very powerful couplings as the torque is apportioned over the entire strand of chain and all the teeth of the sprockets. They are also fairly simple and quick to install.