Shaft Repair Kits


Worn shafts which give rise to defective sealing can be quickly restored to perfect condition, creating the perfect sealing surface without the need for regrinding and hardening.

A SPEEDI-SLEEVE is quickly and easily fitted, often without the need for dismantling the machinery in which they are used, this reduces maintenance time and cost.

SPEEDI-SLEEVE’s are hardwearing thin walled stainless steel sleeves with a high quality finish, which are simply pushed into position over worn shafts creating the original perfect sealing surface. No pre-treatment of the shaft is required, a fitting tool is provided with each sleeve.

SPEEDI-SLEEVE’s are often fitted from new as it is more cost effective than hardening and polishing new shafts.

Once in place the original size seal can be used, eliminating the need to resource new seals, which is often the case when worn shafts are reground. However we would always recommend that new seals are fitted if the originals have been running on worn shafts. 

SPEEDI-SLEEVE’s are produced in over 200 sizes to fit shaft diameters from 12mm – 200mm (0.469” – 8.005”).