V Belt Pulleys

The standard V Belt Pulley range is designed to be used with both classical v belts and wedge belts.

Standard Taper Bush type Pulleys

The standard pulley range is available in the following sections:

SPZ (also suitable for Classical Z)
SPA (also suitable for Classical A)
SPB (also suitable for Classical B)
SPC (also suitable for Classical C)

These are available with a number of grooves, from a single groove up to 10 grooves on the larger sizes

The standard range is made from cast iron and is designed to use a taper bush.

Aluminium Pulleys

A range of aluminium pulleys are available, these usually come with a nominal pilot bore or blank.

Various sizes are available in the SPZ, SPA and SPB sections, larger belt section are uncommon in aluminium.

Aluminium stepped pulleys are also available; again these usually come with a pilot bore or blank.


Cast Iron Pilot Bore / Blank Pulleys

Cast iron pulleys with pilot bores or blank hubs can be sourced, but are rarely found as standard stock items – please ask us.