V Belts




Strong wear resistant bias cut Neoprene rubberised fabric.

High tenacity, low stretch, specially treated polyester and Kevlar cord.

High resistant cord embedding cushion rubber compound.

Specially compounded, high modulus compression rubber.


- General engineering Industries.
- Agricultural Industries.
- Automotive Industries.

Range of Sections:


Section      Top x Depth                          (Li = inside length) Min-Li              Max-Li              
Z 10mm x 6mm 9.5" 195"
A 13mm x 8mm 13.0" 360"
B 17mm x 11mm 16.0" 658"
C 22mm x 14mm 31.0" 658"
D 32mm x 19mm 44.5" 662"
AA 13mm x 16mm 45.0" 260"
BB 17mm x 22mm 40.0" 660"
CC 22mm x 28mm 73.0" 658"
                                            (Lp = pitch length) Min-Lp Max-Lp
SPZ 10mm x 8mm 365mm 4953mm
SPA 13mm x 10mm 576mm 9144mm
SPB 17mm x 14mm 940mm 16764mm
SPC 22mm x 18mm 1750mm 16789mm


 Note: All of the standard sizes are available from stock, however the specials and very large sizes may be on a lead time from the factory.




Special top rubberised fabric.

Polychloroprene cushion rubber compound.

Specially treated and stabilised polyester and Kevlar cord.

Fibre filled Polychloroprene rubber compound.

Moulded cogged for better flexibility.


- Automotive Industries
- General Engineering Industries
- Agricultural Industries


Range of Sizes:

Section Top x Depth            (Li = Inside Length) Min-Li                  Max-Li              
ZX 10mm x 6mm 23" 200"
AX 13mm x 8mm 22" 200"
BX 17mm x 11mm 21" 200"
CX 22mm x 14mm 21" 200"
                                  (Lp = Pitch Length) Min-Lp Max-Lp
SPZ 10mm x 8mm 590mm 5117mm
XPA 13mm x 10mm 590mm 5124mm
XPB 17mm x 14mm 600mm 5140mm
XPC 22mm x 18mm 600mm 5163mm


 Note: All of the standard sizes are available from stock; however the specials and very large sizes may be on a lead time from the factory.


Banded belts are made up from classical and wedge belts with a strong tie band over them, each band contains the required number of belts for the drive. The maximum number of belts recommended is usually 5; however this depends on the size of the drive and the drive conditions.
When using banded belts it is always recommended to use standard pulleys only.
The proper belts sitting can only be obtained if the pitch distances for the belts and the pulleys are the same. We recommend that customers discuss drive details before using banded belts to enable us to offer the best suggestions. Improper design using banded belts can lead to very rapid drive failure.
-Crushers, Compressors, Generators, Pumps….
-Agricultural drives
-Conveyor drives
-Severe vibration
-Vertical drives.


we carry extensive stocks of Kevlar lawn and Garden Belts.

Features and Benefits

Large Diameter ARAMID cord impregnated with special compound eliminates the need for re-tensioning while offering:

-High Tensile Strength
-High Resistance to shock loads

Double wrap of special fabric ensures

-High resistance to wear and tear
-Reduces slippage while clutching

Extensive range of specially constructed belts tested and approved to suit many OEM-specific applications.
Available in Blue, Brown, Grey, White and Black fabric identifiable with Lawn and Garden machinery.
Available in all standard sections.